Antonio Cigala

IMG_0801Antonio Cigala, member of the official Roll of Professional Chartered Accountants and the Public Register of Auditors, is member of the Board of Directors of gda since 1995.

He starter his auditor career in 1986 and his experience mainly relates: to the financial audit of annual reports and of the cost claimed by private and public entities subsidised by the European Commission; to technical consultancy for Law Courts, to statutory auditing activity.

In particular he has developed a in depth knowledge of tax audit providing a specialised support to our audit teams. As auditor and administrator of gda has gained a deep knowledge not only in the voluntary and legal audit of annual reports, but also in the field of anti-fraud investigation, assistance to bankruptcy procedures and checks on the use of the public subsides.

Particular importance is related to the engagements received by the European Commission aimed to verify the fair use and the correct cost reporting in relation to subsidies provided to public and private entities in relation with the research and development projects and to humanitarian projects. Speaker in meetings and courses concerning the analysis of financial statements and consolidated financial statements, auditing, and tax matters, organised by private entities and local organisation of the Italian professional accounting bodies.


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