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gda provides all the audit services specifically required by the 7th Framwork Programme and also other services amied to improve the administrative and accounting procedures for cost claiming in order to minimize any risk of dispute with the European Commission.

Our services are related to:

Assurance services

  • CFS, Certificate on Financial Statement, when the EC grant exceeds 375.000,00 Euro
  • COM, Certificate on Methodology, this is related to the certification of the procedures for the calculation of direct and indirect costs of personnel
  • COMAV, Certificate on Average personnel costs:  this is related to the certification of the procedures for the calculation of personnel cost using average rates


  • review (for internal purposes) of the documentation supporting the costs claimed on EC projects when a Certificate on Financial Statement is not require
  • review of internal procedures (time recording system, cost of personnel calculation, procurement, travel and subsistance, overhead) in order to verify their suitability to produce an adequate documentation to support the cost claimed

Implementation of:

  • calculation of overheads on the basis of a semplifeid method (at legal entity level) based on the general accounting data
  • calculation overheads on the basis of an analitycal calculation (at research division level), based on the managment accounting system data duly reconcilied with the general ledger
  • chart of accounts adequate to provide a clear identification of data required to fill in the cost statements related to EU research programs as well as an adequate management of the other operating activities

Help Desk

  • to obtain a quick, effiicient and complete support for the management for the financial reporting relatied to the EU research projects

Audit Certificates

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